About Us

Who We Are A little about us

Wora is a duly registered business and an application software for mobile phones, downloaded and installed for both commercial and personal use. The App has got variety of services which are mainly offered by the duly registered and verified companies, individuals and professionals onto the Wora platform.

Our Mission: To provide real-time solutions and high level of satisfaction to both individuals and business.

Our Vision: To enrich people’s lives through measurement solutions and systems.

Core Values: Transparency, Integrity, Solutions-Focused, Respect and Professionalism.

Services on the Wora App:

Taxi, Delivery, Rent a car, Home Clean, Doctors, Beauty Services, Maids, Massage, Tow Truck, Plumber, Electricians, Babysitting, Pest control and many more on the App.


Any service you need!

Delivered to you instantly.

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Our Commitment

Mission Statement

Don’t clutter your phone with a hundred apps for your requirements! This single app will cater to all your needs. Whether you need a Taxi or you need to deliver flowers to a loved one, or if you need to repair your broken taps, this app will do it all for you!